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Get a quote for Google SEO & Google Rank Page IncreaseThere has been a lot of chatter about changes to the Google search engine. We want to make sure that you understand what is going on, so that you can prepare your website and 2010 Marketing Plan.  The new Google Caffeine is HOT!

Google + Social = Google Caffeine Search Engine

Yahoo was the first to socialize their directory / search engine while Google was merely a dream. Once Google launched, MSN sat safely in between the two competitors until they launched their Microsoft Bing "decision engine" in 2009. It has been quite a battle at all times between these information power houses, meanwhile we Internet users and SEO Marketing experts cannot deny that Google is the #1 search engine in the world. We do not place a search, we "Google It". Soon after we launch a website we are using our Analytics and checking setting up Google Webmaster Tools. The world certainly do not play around with Google rules; especially when it comes to ethical SEO practices. We make sure to comply with Google Search Engine Optimization guidelines. It does not matter what is new with Yahoo and Bing, we are conditioned to have loyalty to this Google virtual world and when the search marketing kings think that this might change, they grace us with a few new applications while planning the launch a whole new algorithm.

It is a little different this time around. Google plans to do more than implement a few tricky snippets of code this 2010 year. They are in the processes of outdoing themselves with the launch of an entire new search engine called Caffeine.  Google Caffeine is going to change the face of social media marketing, search engine optimization and search marketing ... It is extremely difficult to image any other search engine competing with this revamp except for the fact that Microsoft did it on a smaller scale and has won their position in the Yahoo power search deal. The battle is obviously "on" between search engines, though Google Caffeine appears to be a little more thorough than any Bing + Yahoo engine. Now is the time to tighten up your web marketing plan.

What does our Internet Marketing Company think of the Google Caffeine / Microsoft Bing Yahoo Battle?

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